Satori Karate



Peewee Ninjas 4-7 year old age group:


A carefully designed program to help develop confidence, discipline, motor and social skills within a younger age group. Your child will increase their physical fitness, meet lots of new friends and learn a new life skill in a fun and safe environment.

Junior Warriors 8 - 12 age group:


An excellent program designed to help evolve a childs' physical, and mental skills. Students will learn how to apply a "can-do" attitude and are taught to how use this in other areas of their lives. Training is hard but effective in building essential life skills for every challenge that students may face. The latest and most effective training methods are used and this helps to instil confidence, improve physical fitness and encourage a positive attitude.



Intermediate 13-15 year old age group:


Karate is a discipline that can help develop a person both physically and mentally and this is fantastic for encouraging creativity, developing awareness and an increasing overall confidence. Various methods used include role play, fitness drills and martial arts training to help prepare for adulthood. This is an excellent class for teens to stay active and generally improve their social awareness skills.


Adult 16 years and over:


Adult classes focus on improving fitness, building leadership skills and teaching self-discipline. This program caters to all fitness levels and participants can benefit from lowered stress levels, improved coordination and learning personal safety & awareness. Part of the training program includes self-defense, which can help increase confidence. All parts of your life could benefit including work, family and social relationships.




This is a brilliant program for the whole family to be involved!

Families can work together to learn basic karate skills, sparring drills and general fitness. This class is fun, interactive and is a great way for parents and children to share common goals at equal levels of experience.



This fantastic offer applies to all of our clubs. Due to popularity spaces are limited.